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Furthermore, her courageousness and intelligence results in the reader's identification with her ethically.
He was a brave soul in a harsh world and his courageousness assisted change in a separated environment.
Listeners will be captivated by the tales of heroism, courageousness, and strength of one of America's most famous villains.
Caitie passed away on March 31, 2016, but radiant memories of her courageousness will continue to remain in her parents' and netizen's hearts.
We do so by ensuring that our RBI process exhibits the 4 C's: consistency (which frees us from the pull of ego, emotion and loss aversion while focusing on uniform execution); clarity (which ensures we prioritize evidence-based factors and are not pulled down the seductive path of worrying about the frightening but unlikely, or the exciting but useless); courageousness (which means we automate the process of contrarianism, doing what the brain knows to be best but the heart and stomach have trouble accomplishing); and conviction (helps us walk the line between hubris and fear by creating portfolios that are diverse enough to be humble and focused enough to offer a shot at long-term outperformance).
Freedman then questions the courageousness of Atticus's representation by highlighting the fact that he did not offer to take on Robinson's case, but was instead "compelled by the court" to do so.
His courageousness is a great; his art works are many times much stronger and effective than political messages and announcements.
Thus, the courageousness of the Latina/o authors and narrators of each of the sixteen narratives, many of whom were influenced by Freire's work, to challenge, disrupt and counter the dominant thinking, provide a critically conscious mass of civil rights activists that continue to inspire and labor for justice.
Other most important thing was the courageousness of the whole team despite extreme climatic and security situations which were the main hindrances in execution of the plan because team had to face freezing cold, devastating rainfall with insecurity of Balochistan Province where many local and foreign terrorist organizations were actively doing their evil and despicable jobs.
For over 150 years, summer camps have been considered landscapes for learning (Ozier, 2010), and in particular, important venues for developing skills for character growth, such as cooperation, loyalty, persistence, honesty, courageousness, and confidence (Dimock & Hendry, 1929).
Particular traits and characteristics that tend to foster leadership are commitment, openness, responsibility, honesty, compassion, collaboration, influence, courageousness, confidence, good listening skills, good communication skills, and a motivation to manage a situation (Curtis, de Vries & Sheerin, 2011; Tomajan, 2012).
At 374a-b, Socrates insists that in every case, whether horse, dog or any other animal, there's no courageousness without a high-spirited nature; for, he tells the impetuous Glaucon: