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Somehow, we've got to show that shared sacrifice, caring for our fellow citizens and having the will to live (and die) without fear is what really takes guts (to borrow a macho phrase) and is what courageousness is all about.
The head of the Jewish Council in the Lodz ghetto is a scoundrel and a despot; other Jews in the ghetto are almost saintly in their courageousness.
However, by persistently seeking to demonstrate the circumspection and courageousness necessary to protect the civil liberties of all Iowans, our court has consistently placed Iowans well ahead of the curve on an arc bending towards justice.
Many women correspondents were particularly interested in Western Canadian men, Azoulay explains, because Western men were synonymous with courageousness.
His rhymes traverse a wide range of territories; from the clubs to the street, and to the world at large, which is full of introspection, maturity, courageousness, sharp wit and humour.
As leaders we must lead by example toward a better and more confident economy: learn the lessons of history; transparency is one thing, courageousness another; and maintain absolute trust.
Abbas congratulated the Palestinian women, considering them an example of persistence and courageousness.
Bannatyne was part of a 26-strong team, including his daughter Hollie and four war wounded amputees, whose courageousness he said was "inspirational".
His professional approach to disarming improvised explosive devices was always conscious and considered, showing repeated courageousness and valour of the highest order.
Israel), presents 13 research papers exploring different aspects of this relationship between normative education and moral courageousness in education.
His wife Claire said: "He's my hero and I've been gobsmacked by his courageousness.