course of action

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I entered to get the securities changed, while the Grandmother remained outside in the porch, and the rest waited at a little distance, in doubt as to their best course of action.
He had made up his mind to his course of action, and his frigid lips and cheeks crackled into a chuckle over it.
No course of action seemed to her indubitably right.
There are a thousand details which I should desire to know before I decide upon our course of action.
He said the Turkish President is likely to take him into confidence on these talks and then a future course of action will be decided.
Certain decisions were also made regarding seat to seat adjustments with different parties, future course of action, election meetings and linkages with other parties.
Disposing of petitions by Mulayam and his family seeking review of the SC order of 2007, the bench stressed that there was no irregularity in the order, except for the direction to submit its probe report before the government for taking a decision on further course of action.
A 17-member consortium of bankers of beleaguered Indian private carrier, Kingfisher Airlines (NSE: KFA), will be meeting in Mumbai to establish the next course of action.
I believe that now BJP or NDA will discuss about this recent development and after that NDA will decide their course of action," Naqvi said.
This course of action could also spawn several subcourses of action.
The party decided its course of action if the report turned out to be adverse, as well as its response to a positive one.
We are gathering today to elicit the workers' views on the issue and then decide on the future course of action," he added.