course of business

See: custom
References in classic literature ?
Oh, we should have that in the ordinary course of business.
The other is that it has been engineered by Moriarty in the ordinary course of business.
Now, if anything were to happen to me in the ordinary course of business, by the time my debts are paid there would be nothing left to support my son Harry whilst he was getting in the way of earning a living, whereas now he will be set up for five years.
Newman had once spent a morning, in the course of business, at Mr.
5 billion transaction at issue involved Apollo agreeing to purchase Cooper for US$35 per share, Subsequent to the merger announcement, labor unions at Cooper's Chinese joint venture went on strike, effectively preventing the joint venture from functioning at full capacity in the ordinary course of business.
At a minimum, streamline the documentation required for recurring transactions in the ordinary course of business.
A document retention policy involves the systematic review, retention and destruction of documents received or created in the course of business.
iv) issued or authorised or proposed the issue of any debentures or otherwise than in its ordinary course of business incurred or increased any indebtedness or contingent liability which is material in the context of the wider WT Foods Group taken as a whole;
A trader generates income of this type in the ordinary course of business.
Insignificant misstatements that result from the normal course of business rather than from an intentional scheme to manage earnings are acceptable.
Outlook 2007 provides a forum for the technology industry to hear high-level government and industry perspectives on the future course of business in the Taiwan and China markets.