course of conduct

References in classic literature ?
Tell me how you came to embark upon such a course of conduct.
I remembered too well the treatment I had suffered the night before from the barbarous villagers, and resolved, whatever course of conduct I might hereafter think it right to pursue, that for the present I would remain quietly in my hovel, watching and endeavouring to discover the motives which influenced their actions.
You ask me to keep you informed of the progress of Julian Gray's infatuation, and of the course of conduct pursued toward him by Mercy Merrick.
Suppose, on the other hand, that I remained for the present in the red-brick house--should I not by that course of conduct be putting myself in the best position for making discoveries?
Now, with a ring of earnestness in his voice, he was advising concerning some course of conduct.
This course of conduct had alienated the old bachelor's affection, once strongly fixed upon him.
Hints have indeed not been wanting; but since you appear unwilling to take them from others, I offer you this one myself, in the only form in which well-bred people of our kind can communicate unpleasant things to each other: by letting you understand that I know you mean to see Ellen when you are in Washington, and are perhaps going there expressly for that purpose; and that, since you are sure to see her, I wish you to do so with my full and explicit approval-- and to take the opportunity of letting her know what the course of conduct you have encouraged her in is likely to lead to.
He took the banana in a detached manner, as it to convey the idea that it did not commit him to any particular course of conduct.
Now however, she can persist in this course of conduct no longer.
It was essential to send an apology to the rector, in the first place, so as to leave the evening at his disposal for considering what preliminary course of conduct he should advise Arnold to pursue.
Where a course of conduct exists officer must use the legislation available to them.
At Airdrie Sheriff Court, McGee, of Glasgow, admitted engaging in a course of conduct which caused Suzanne fear and alarm between September and October last year.