course of law

See: certiorari
References in classic literature ?
An insurrection took place, the object of which seems to have been to interrupt the course of law and get rid of debts and taxes.
The same night Death proved to be the more obstinate of the two; and left his son (and only child) to take the property in due course of law.
Philip Fairlie died leaving an only daughter, the Laura of this story, and the estate, in consequence, went, in course of law, to the second brother, Frederick, a single man.
The FC explanatory note, speaks volumes of interventions made by the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Senator Buledi for having tried to influence the course of law by getting 52 vehicles and diesel worth over Rs 80 million released while illegally trying to cross the Iranian Border.
To a query, he said when PPP talk about war with the opponents, it doesn't mean it would use guns but rather the party would take a course of law.
They can only be dealt with in the normal course of law in an individual capacity; it cannot have any connection with the Board, so far as former officials are concerned," he explained.
Sultanzoy, a flopped presidential candidate, added he had asked Abdullah's camp to rejoin the election process and follow the course of law in meeting their demands.
He said that the course of law and justice will not be hampered and tempering with the record of the injured persons will not be tolerated.
Ganguly, to comply with due course of law and prove his innocence in the case where he has been accused of sexually assaulting a law intern.
Urging upon the religious scholar to adopt the course of law and the Constitution, he noted no one denies the reforms, but the modus operandi adopted by Dr.
Bol's case as it is a course of law or legal procedures.