course of law

See: certiorari
References in classic literature ?
An insurrection took place, the object of which seems to have been to interrupt the course of law and get rid of debts and taxes.
The same night Death proved to be the more obstinate of the two; and left his son (and only child) to take the property in due course of law.
Philip Fairlie died leaving an only daughter, the Laura of this story, and the estate, in consequence, went, in course of law, to the second brother, Frederick, a single man.
The police officer was accused of misusing his office to hamper the course of law to protect his relative.
The petitioners submitted that the ministry of national health services on February 02, had appointed acting CEO without adopting due course of law for the appointment.
Sources said that Pakistan's offer to arrangethe meeting in presence of an Indian embassy official hasconfused Delhi since it has denied India a chance to build up a case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that due course of law was not followed in the case.
There was no other plain, speedy and adequate remedy in the ordinary course of law.
She also briefed the Deputy Speaker on the enforcement procedure saying that the orders are passed after following the due course of law that include transparent and impartial inquiries conducted by the inquiry committees, full opportunity of hearings to the undertakings and then issuing the orders and making them public as per the law.
To a query, he said when PPP talk about war with the opponents, it doesn't mean it would use guns but rather the party would take a course of law.
They can only be dealt with in the normal course of law in an individual capacity; it cannot have any connection with the Board, so far as former officials are concerned," he explained.
1) This Article focuses on one particular right in the Anglo-American legal tradition that is recognized in most state constitutions--the right to remedy by due course of law.