course of proceeding

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their seats being adapted to this course of proceeding and being bent down at their backs).
Her objection to his present course of proceeding related entirely to the mystery in which it was involved, and to the uncertainty in which the household was left as to the hour of his return.
My resolution as to my next course of proceeding is formed without a moment's hesitation.
It is contrary to the usual course of proceeding in such cases, Richard," Sir Joseph began.
It had not escaped his keen eye that some indispensable articles of clothing were gone with the fugitives, and knowing the old man's weak state of mind, he marvelled what that course of proceeding might be in which he had so readily procured the concurrence of the child.
It was a politic course of proceeding, and one which could not fail to redound to his advantage in every point of view, since the very circumstance of his having extorted from Ralph Nickleby his real design in introducing his niece to such society, coupled with his extreme disinterestedness in communicating it so freely to his friend, could not but advance his interests in that quarter, and greatly facilitate the passage of coin (pretty frequent and speedy already) from the pockets of Lord Frederick Verisopht to those of Sir Mulberry Hawk.
This course of proceeding, in Arnold's position toward Blanche, would lead to a scandal at the outset--a scandal which would stand in the way of his making the right impression on Mrs.
Leo Hunter's usual course of proceedings being, to issue cards for a hundred, and breakfast for fifty, or in other words to feed only the very particular lions, and let the smaller animals take care of themselves.
During the course of proceeding, a law enforcement department submitted his reply regarding the missing of Sajid Mehmood from an area of federal capital.
During the course of proceeding, the bench expressed displeasure over non submission of reply by the chief commissioner over the matter.
During the course of proceeding, the bench expressed displeasure over non submission of reply by Ministry of Finance in the case and again directed the ministry to submit reply.
During the course of proceeding, the counsel for the petitioner Sikandar Bashir Mohmand alleged that Khwaja Asif had not declared assets of his wife and children in the nomination papers.