course of reasoning

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Sometimes, when in a very complacent mood, he would go a-birds'-nesting with the children, a thing that irritated and annoyed me exceedingly; as, by frequent and persevering attempts, I flattered myself I had partly shown them the evil of this pastime, and hoped, in time, to bring them to some general sense of justice and humanity; but ten minutes' birds'-nesting with uncle Robson, or even a laugh from him at some relation of their former barbarities, was sufficient at once to destroy the effect of my whole elaborate course of reasoning and persuasion.
His first measure was to go among them and commence a course of reasoning, in order to bring them round to his own way of thinking.
He was still comparatively young, he was surrounded by the loving care of a devoted family, but he had convinced himself by a course of reasoning, illogical perhaps, yet certainly plausible, that he must separate himself from all he held dear in the world, even life itself.
Throughout the technical presentations on advances in qualitative simulation, we discussed the practicality of automatically transforming quantitative and qualitative models during the course of reasoning.
It is a pained course of reasoning, one made all the more convoluted by Best suggesting the losers will be punters unwittingly backing his horses when some may not have eaten up.