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The first courseware that used the behaviourist approach was Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), designed in the 1970s (Saettler 1990).
But this issue was finally brought to a head by the furor that erupted over the faculty rights to courseware they developed to teach their classes.
While the problem generator in Mathematica Teacher's Edition is not yet as useful as it could be, the AT&M courseware that is bundled in is quite interesting and is definitely worth looking at for schools considering the purchase of software like Mathematica.
Electronic Courseware Development: Using the latest educational technology, the CCE blends traditional paper-based courseware and standup instruction with electronic interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) <http://www.
Repurposing of CAD and other complex data is perhaps the largest problem in industrial courseware creation today," says John Brooks, director of Training Systems Development, AERA, Orlando.
Further, although some courseware packages are exciting in terms of visual effects, they can still be discouraging for a teacher to use because he/she is relegated to a passive role.
As an online template, courseware can provide a centralized location within the decentralized medium of the World Wide Web and provide a conventional structure that offers familiarity to novice students (and instructors) who experience unpredictability and ambiguity of an online environment.
com's high-quality courseware will strengthen our Internet based training offering and provide us with a complete selection of productivity-enhancing training tools and products for our government clients.
The goal of the Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation (IACE) Program is to ensure compliance with national standards for information assurance education and training throughout the nation.
At the University of New Brunswick in Canada an experimental initiative to construct and implement a multimedia courseware program based on enriched lectures was begun six years ago.
Training providers who wish to participate in the curriculum program can make a formal application and submit their courseware for evaluation by independent consultants who will validate that learning objectives required for the SNIA Certification exams are met.