court action

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Global Banking News-January 30, 2018--Australian regulator launches court action against Commonwealth Bank
Numbers show that Coventry City Council took court action seeking prison sentences against 156 households who were behind with their council tax payments in the past year.
A GRIEVING widow was threatened with court action to pay her dead husband's parking ticket.
Some schemes are legally binding which means you cannot take court action if you are not satisfied with the decision.
A DAD dubbed the "Birdman of Birmingham" has been threatened with court action - for feeding pigeons.
To take the court action the council is going to change the use of the land from public car park to private land and by so doing imply that anyone entering on it without the express permission from Kirklees Council is trespassing.
Browne, of the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench, rejected arguments presented by the federal and provincial governments to strike down court action initiated by Beaver Lake Cree Nation.
But the Tesco store has been stalled for a decade due to on-going court action from Midlands Co-op, which wants to put its own supermarket in Stirchley.
THE owner of 30 cows that were slaughtered after escaping from a farm could face court action.
The court action reflects the gravity of the matter and the seriously damaging effect that such untruths can cause.
Summary: Seven families are taking court action against the Secretary of State over a compensation scheme for victims of vCJD.
The protest by members of the Insole Court Action Alliance was held a year after the closure of Insole Court, the historic mansion in Llandaff.