court decision

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In this case, the local court decision cannot be executed until the decision concerning the local court decision is made by the supreme court.
This resentment boiled over when voters denied Governor Jim Florio a second term in office after he pushed for a tax increase incident to the court decisions.
A 1936 Russian Supreme Court decision sustained a similar ruling by a Rostov-on-th-Don lower court that held a man responsible for his biological daughter's support even after she had been adopted by her stepfather.
In what likely will be one of the most significant early Supreme Court decisions of the new century, a federal statute will be measured against one of the most well-recognized legal principles, the Miranda advice of rights.
6015 relief subsequent to a final court decision, and final court decisions are similar to closing agreements.
However, despite the recent court decision, confusion and conflict remain.
Gardner sampled 1,208 state supreme court decisions from 1990 and found that in only 21 percent of the cases did the court even attempt to address state constitutional issues.
The reverberations from any Supreme Court decision will be felt throughout society - but perhaps with particular emphasis among AAHSA members, 48% of whom are religious-sponsored providers, and almost all of whom confront end-of-life decisions on a daily basis.
2) Two lower court rulings, in particular, led to the Supreme Court decision regarding double jeopardy discussed in this article.