court employee

See: clerk
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A court employee even read out his group's manifesto.
The Veronica Mars actress, 32, and Parenthood actor, 38, are said to have arrived at the office to obtain a marriage licence, but decided to make things official then and there when a court employee offered to marry them in a nearby courtroom.
The nominee may be a bar member, a law firm or court employee in New Hampshire, or from a state department or agency that is part of the legal system.
Senior court officials sought the help of a bomoh to "cleanse" the 30-storey building of "dozens of spirits and ghosts" after a court employee became hysterical when she reportedly saw several apparitions in her office.
A RECORDED conversation between a court employee at the centre of an alleged bribery scandal and his accuser will be submitted to a Bahrain court at the request of the defendant's lawyers.
A COURT employee who attacked his partner has been spared a jail sentence.
She has held a variety of law librarian positions as a state court employee for 15 years and is currently a law library manager.
There was a Mexican who concocted a phony passport application, a former court employee who shoved a judge, the babbling man who walked into an FBI office and threatened to kill President Bill Clinton--though he didn't realize Clinton was no longer president.
However, 56 percent of those respondents said that when sexual orientation was an issue in their contact with the court, they experienced or observed a negative comment or action toward gay men or lesbians, most frequently by a lawyer or a court employee.
Prosecutor Brian Butler said a juror told someone about the coin toss, and that person told a court employee.
Now Cassel lives in Pompano Beach, Florida, and enjoys things she only dreamed about while she was working: biking and playing tennis, reading and spending time with her husband, who retired recently from his job as a federal court employee.