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Thus, presidents appear to be discussing these nominees to some extent to assist their confirmation prospects, but even more so to draw attention to their most vulnerable nominees in order to court favor with their interested elites.
If the court favors Hill, inmates could start time-consuming litigation on the particulars of lethal injection, each time there are changes to procedure, which could deter states form seeking to make the procedure less painful, said Justice Anthony M.
But if the court favors Vopper, a word to the wise: Don't use a cell phone to plot your next assassination.
The court favors a jury system in which jurors have no say in the verdict.
59) Because the Supreme Court favors the use of search warrants by police officers, the justices are hesitant to discourage their use by creating new exceptions to the rule or expanding exceptions already recognized.
5) That court favors the modern trend and declined to apply the "strict responsibility" rule of waiver, opting instead for an approach which takes into account the facts surrounding a particular disclosure.
She said the buzz is true that the court favors the case she filed against a relative who allegedly grabbed hectares of land in Bicol that belonged to Nora.
Second, the impact of the two disqualification orders of the Comelec First and Second Division cannot be disputed, and hopefully, the Supreme Court favors Senator Grace [Poe] so that the effect would be recovered.