court instruction

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The meeting was informed that confidence of citizens had been increased after the Supreme Court instruction to complete the LDA city in eight months.
Sulphur content has progressively been reduced, he said adding the advancement of Euro-VI rollout has been done voluntarily, without any court instruction.
The UK High Court instruction to the Government to remove the ban on the Iranian resistance PMOI offers the international community an opportunity to reassess its policies towards the mullah's regime.
During the 2003-2004 school year, students used The Literacy Center daily to supplement their Open Court instruction. As one teacher says, "The interactive nature of the [Literacy Center] program made students enthusiastic about learning and reading.
The court ruled that the trial court instruction's were proper because they were neutral with regard to this definition, which in turn allowed both parties to argue their theories of whether a defendant who understood that an act was legally wrong could still qualify for the insanity defense because the defendant failed to understand that it was morally wrong.
Behind the row is a decision by the Free Church to charge the ministers with defying court instruction by being members of the Free Church Defence Association.
Behind the row is a decision of the Free Church to charge the ministers with defying court instruction by being members of the Free Church Defence Association.
THE sports ministry has asked the Indian cricket board to immediately comply with an Allahabad High Court instruction to stop ' India' from being trampled upon at the grounds where the Indian Premier League ( IPL) matches are being played.
But sticking to court instructions proved beyond McMullen as the High Coats resident resurfaced in the dock last week accused of breaching his order.
Whatever the intent, the campaign ended up disrupting the commodity supply chain and tearing apart the social fabric of the affected localities, exposing the nexus that perpetuated the mindless intrusion of the public space before patrons, on court instructions, started to destroy the structures build under their watch.
Actually, SPSC has started conducting Combined Competitive Exam on yearly basis after Supreme Court instructions given in CCE 2013 judgement.
Now that a new ruling has emerged, it seems that the SCOTUS and appellate court instructions have led the district court to side with the plaintiffs, ruling that defendants breached their fiduciary obligations of prudence and monitoring in the selection of all 17 mutual funds at issue.