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Court of Appeals Associate Justice Japar Dimaampao Court of Appeals Associate Justice Ramon Garcia Court of Appeals Associate Justice Jhosep Lopez Court of Appeals Associate Justice Mario Lopez Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Efren de la Cruz Court Administrator Jose Midas Marquez Court of Appeals Associate Justice Edgardo Delos Santos Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Alex Quiroz Court of Appeals Associate Justice Ricardo Rosario Former Ateneo law school dean Cesar Villanueva Of the 15 sitting justices of the high court, President Rodrigo Duterte has already appointed seven of them.
The Court of Appeals concluded that the officer accurately informed appellant of her rights and the legal consequences of refusing to submit to a breath test, noting that the officer's statement that he was testing for the "presence of alcohol," rather than to determine whether she was "under the influence of alcohol" did not constitute a misstatement of the law or misrepresent appellant's rights.
Cattani, an Arizona Court of Appeals Judge Division I
The decision also includes changes to the appointments starting 29 August, with Judge Mohammed Reda Shawkat Khaled as the head of the Court of Appeals of Mansoura; Judge Assem Abdul Hamid Ibrahim as the head of the Court of Appeals of Ismailia, until he retires on 23 September; Judge Mounir Mohammed Sayed as the head of the Court of Appeals of Beni Suef; Judge Mahmoud Sami Ismail as that of Assiut's; and Judge Adel Abdel Samiea as Qena's.
Alvarez has threatened to abolish the Court of Appeals after it ordered the release of six employees of the Ilocos Norte government detained by Congress almost two weeks ago after they were cited in contempt of court.
The 5th Court of Appeals paused the case earlier this month to give all sides an opportunity to hash out the dispute.
During 91/2 years on the Court of Appeals, Roberts participated in more than 4,800 case decisions and wrote more than 550 decisions on the merits.
It should be pointed out that the Court of Appeals already held a hearing session for the same case yesterday.
In late December, GE-len's lawyer strongly denied claims made by former Justice Minister and AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali E[currency]ahin, who said a Supreme Court of Appeals judge had asked GE-len's opinion about a suspect whose case the court was hearing before delivering the final verdict.
On appeal, the Court of Appeals of Georgia first noted, "value on the date of sale is a factual question to be resolved by the trier of fact, which is the judge in a confirmation proceeding." Then, the court of appeals addressed REF's argument that the evidence did not support the trial court's order of confirmation.
to communicate to the court of appeals its views on matters touching the