court of appellate jurisdiction

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Fadahunsi added that the matter is subject to appeal before higher Court of appellate jurisdiction, saying he was convinced that Senator Adeleke would triumph at the higher appellate level.
Senator Jenner argued that the words of the Exceptions Clause "are hard, firm, and clear as crystal" and give to Congress the "full, unchallengeable power to pass laws immediately which would deprive the Supreme Court of appellate jurisdiction." (24) Senator Butler asserted that the Exceptions Clause was an important part of the constitutional system of "checks and balances." (25) In fact, it was the "only check which the Constitution gives to the Congress as a protection against attempted usurpation [of federal and state legislative authority] by the Supreme Court." (26)
For example, in Ex Parte McCardle, the Court upheld an act by Congress that stripped the Court of appellate jurisdiction, but included a paragraph at the end of the opinion pointing out that another statutory route to the Court's appellate jurisdiction remained available.
The Supreme Court or any other court of appellate jurisdiction may affirm, modify, vacate, set aside or reverse any judgment, decree, or order of a court lawfully brought before it for review, and may remand the cause and direct the entry of such appropriate judgment, decree, or order, or require such further proceedings to be had as may be just under the circumstances.