court of review

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A specially appointed court of review vacated the State Commission on Judicial Conduct's sanction of Sharon Keller today, saying the state board acted unconstitutionally in reprimanding the presiding judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals.
That case law (supporting President Bush's actions) includes a 1972 Supreme Court decision, four federal courts of appeal decisions, and the 2002 opinion of the Court of Review specially established to hear FISA appeals (In Re: Sealed Case).
The court of review determines whether the application was properly denied.
The FISA Court's rejection of the new guidelines led to the first-ever appeal to the FISA Court of Review.
In its decision, the FISA Court of Review decided that FISA does not preclude or limit the government's use of foreign intelligence information, including evidence of crimes, in certain types of criminal prosecutions.
The State Bar Court of Review said Yagman asked the court to award him nearly $1 million in attorney fees without disclosing that he also was being paid by his clients through a contingency fee arrangement.