court of review

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(14) FISA provides for both en banc consideration and appeals to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review (Court of Review).
In contrast, en banc opinions and Court of Review opinions apparently do have the force of stare decisis.
Court of Review opinions can be precedential, but they are not necessarily precedential.
(38) Perhaps to hedge against the risks of limited external oversight, FISA limits FISC and Court of Review judges to non-renewable, seven-year terms, (39) a provision suggesting that Congress envisioned a FISA court whose membership would be responsive to shifting factual circumstances and policy priorities.
(62) Therefore, every precedential opinion of the Court of Review and every FISC en banc opinion should be published in redacted form.
A specially appointed court of review vacated the State Commission on Judicial Conduct's sanction of Sharon Keller today, saying the state board acted unconstitutionally in reprimanding the presiding judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals.
The procedural tangle in the court of review's 33-page opinion (download it above) wraps around what is essentially the concept of double jeopardy.
It also includes treatment of the US Patriot Act of 2001 and Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 (Patriot II), executive branch practice, and the Foreign Intelligence Court of Review decision of Nov.
If the FISA Court denies an application for an order authorizing a national security wiretap or search, the matter is referred under seal to the FISA Court of Review, comprised of three federal judges selected by the chief justice of the U.S.
The FISA Court's rejection of the new guidelines led to the first-ever appeal to the FISA Court of Review.
In its decision, the FISA Court of Review decided that FISA does not preclude or limit the government's use of foreign intelligence information, including evidence of crimes, in certain types of criminal prosecutions.
This decision by the FISA Court of Review vindicates Congress' and the attorney general's view of FISA.