court officer

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Court officers chased him and caught up with him in the courthouse lobby, where he wrestled with them until they were able to handcuff him and take him back to the lockup.
When their cases were called, Judge McGill referred them to a court officer, who whispered and gestured to them to leave the room and return with tucked-in shirts.
During jury selection for the Luis Gonzalez murder trial this week in Worcester Superior Court, court officers made available seating for the public as prospective jurors were excused and space became available.
Sevy last Wednesday filed the lawsuit against court officers Philip Barach and Harold Marshall in federal court.
Jacqui Taplin, senior recovery and court officer for Warwick District Council, said: "This is not an action the council takes lightly.
The alleged attack was at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on April 20, while he was working as a Reliance court officer.
During jury deliberations, a court officer told the judge that the same juror had told him that "she did not understand what was going on" during the trial and that "she didn't understand the lawyers and she didn't understand the judge."
A spoof of the People's Court (called the Foundry Court) featured our stockroom supervisor in full judicial robes in an actual courtroom (Boston's Suffolk Superior Court, which we were able to use because an employee's father was a court officer there).
But Yang the Court Officer wants to have Tan Jier for himself, so he lies to the Emperor to obtain an imperial decree and a sword to have Bai Shizhong executed.
Gitari said Karua could not cross-examine a court officer.
As the hearing began, the chief justice revealed that the anchorperson had ridiculed a court officer on his show a day after appearing in court.