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Several court officers, including a supervisor who was the highest ranking officer on duty yesterday afternoon, said they would not comment about whether the first day of implementation caused any problems.
Thompson spit at Court Officer Ryan Sanderson and made threats toward Assistant District Attorneys John F.
Laisure said the court should have asked the juror specifically about her comment to the court officer with questions such as "What didn't you understand?
Program Services Will Be For A Period Of Up To 6 Months And Will Be At The Juvenile Court Officer s Discretion.
FITCHBURG -- A 47-year-old Lunenburg woman who was arrested last month after allegedly attacking her boyfriend with an ax allegedly had attacked him before, with a Bible, and also went after a court officer and emergency medial technicians after a court appearance.
The biggest fraud in the history of the state - so far - was committed by a criminal court officer but it was facilitated by rogue banks.
One female court officer told the New York Post that the agency people measured them, got their breast sizes, and then they give them vests that were designed for flat breasts.
He has requested the court that registrar himself should review the application in place of court officer and seek directions from the court about the maintainability of petition as he fears that subordinate officers will return the application.
He also worked as a court officer in the New York Court System.
Prior to moving to California, he worked as a police officer for the State of New York, a uniformed court officer for the City of New York, and a senior court officer in the New York State Supreme Court.
Under cross-examination, Gannon testified that she responded to an inquiry from Norfolk County Sheriff Michael Bellotti, who was seeking Murray's help in getting a full-time court officer position for his sister, Patricia Bellotti.
The Registrar or any court officer has no right to filter any applications.