court proceeding

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At the police court proceedings, we shall hear the case for the prosecution, but in all probability his solicitors will advise him to reserve his defence.
I will not go into the details of the police court proceedings, as it involves many tiresome repetitions.
A fresh piece of evidence discovered by the detectives since the police court proceedings was a long, almost new piece of blotting-paper.
Under Bankruptcy Code Section 362(a)(8), a Tax Court proceeding cannot be commenced while the automatic stay is in effect.
Under IRC section 7491, in any court proceeding the IRS has the burden of proof with respect to any factual issue relevant to determining a taxpayer's liability for any income, self-employment, gift, estate and generation skipping transfer taxes if
The Superior Court action was necessary because during a federal court proceeding, RE/MAX claimed not to share in revenue from agent commissions, Sax said.
6015 was not an issue in the court proceeding and the innocent spouse did not meaningfully participate in such proceeding.
Walker also said the AICPA could not support shifting the burden of proof to the government in any court proceeding.
7430(a) provides that they can obtain reimbursement of reasonable administrative costs incurred during an administrative proceeding for any procedure or other action before the IRS, and recover reasonable litigation costs incurred in a court proceeding.
7491(a) shifts the burden of proof on any factual issue in any court proceeding from the taxpayer to the Service if the taxpayer introduces credible evidence.
6673(a)(2)(B) against the Service due to the misconduct of IRS district counsel during a court proceeding.