court rule

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See, e.g., Tax Court Rule 1(b) ("These Rules shall be construed to effect the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every case").
According to CLC President Jim Hughes, "The Prime Minister has sought to stifle legitimate debate by having the Court rule before draft legislation has even been presented to parliament....
A recent Supreme Court decision held that the Tax Court may not exclude the special trial judge's Tax Court Rule 183(b) report from the record on appeal.
"Not only did the court rule for us but they did so in a very strong and powerful way and went out of their way to reject the stereo-types and insinuations that the Boy Scouts tried to play on."
Akron, OH, April 08, 2013 --( Summit Legal Publishing proudly unveils its newest release -- Indiana Court Rules 2013.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-29 December 2005-US district court rules against Nokia - report(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
1969 The California supreme court rules that the state cannot revoke a gay teacher's credentials on the basis of sexual orientation.
CompuLaw LLC, Los Angeles, a leading publisher of calendar/docket software with built-in court rules databases, has released Vision SQL version 8.65, a significant update to its highly popular calendar solution.
United States, which held using the section 7520 tables was unreasonable because the lottery winnings' lack of liquidity was not taken into account ("Court Rules on Lottery Payoffs," JofA, May00, page 85).
In 1956, the Supreme Court rules that Alabama's laws requiring racial segregation on buses are unconstitutional.
CompuLaw LLC, Los Angeles, publisher of calendar/docket software with built-in court rules databases, has launched a comprehensive collection of U.S.
Jun 1, 2006 European court rules against agreement on fliers' information.