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And once more his heart warmed toward the courteous stranger.
The Englishman looked his astonishment in spite of his most herculean efforts to appear courteous, and it required many repetitions of the strange story of the ape-man as told by himself, Jane Porter, and Lieutenant D'Arnot to convince Lord Tennington that they were not all quite mad.
If every one whom I have to see is as courteous to me as Mr.
It is all very well for us to be courteous to the rich, the refined, those to whom life is already made easy.
Wyvil, the most courteous and considerate of men, felt
My uneasy sense of committing an intrusion on him steadily increases, in spite of his courteous welcome.
Bear all this in mind (it is the sworn testimony of respectable witnesses); and pray do not forget--however foolishly and blamably he may have written about her in the secret pages of his Diary--that he was proved to have done his best to conceal from his wife the aversion which the poor soul inspired in him; and that he was (in the opinion of those who could best judge him) at least a courteous and a considerate husband, if he could be no more.
A milder or more courteous youth never came out of Hampshire.
And good-natured, courteous, happy-hearted Scott took his triumphs joyously.
Courteous to all women, he was as courteous as usual to Anne--and no more.
She seldom visited Anne, and though she was invariably courteous and friendly, that very courtesy was as an icy barrier between her and the people of the little house.
On the other hand, Miss Wilson was as affable and courteous as heart could wish, and though I was in no very conversable humour myself, the two ladies between them managed to keep up a pretty continuous fire of small talk.