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Kiani said that Islamabad police force should be made exemplary force through hard work and courteous attitude.
A Courteous Communications has been selected as the preferred answering service provider for Adventist Health Systems for the Florida Region and surrounding areas, the company said.
Duterte also told government officials and employees in the bureaucracy to shape up and be courteous to the public.
A Courteous feels its call center services are the perfect fit for these non-profits' needs.
The Most Courteous Immigration Control Officers Election has been held annually since 1996 to promote frontline officers' sincerity and courtesy while exercising effective immigration control, Mr Chan said.
If watching Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber share a courteous kiss on the cheek nearly made Taylor Swift lose her lunch, can you imagine how many meals she'd lose over the allegations that Justin's planning to get down on bended knee and propose to her BFF?
MAKING their bid for the musical glory of the north west of Wales come Courteous Thief.
Baghdad (NINA) - Leader of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jafari, stressed the necessity to keep judiciary away from political influence and courteous behavior.
ISLAMABAD, July 28 -- With an objective to improve the professional skills of traffic cops and make them more courteous towards public, Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has arranged refresher courses for its whole force and 45 cops have so far passed out these courses.
And as for suggesting that calling creationists "barmy" is lowering the debate "so that it cannot be conducted in an intelligent or courteous way", I find that exceptionally barmy.
AAMIR KHAN will hit the screens again, asking people to be courteous to tourists.
There are more Keralites in Bahrain because you are smart, intelligent, courteous, helpful, adaptable and hardworking?