courteous conduct

See: courtesy
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Afewee puts as great an emphasis on courteous conduct, and on enthusiasm, as for skill in the ring (or on the pitch)--and so do the area's other organisations.
But the civil and courteous conduct was for naught, as the police were greeted at the gates mostly by house help, who said the homeowners were not home, or by no-nonsense guard dogs who were less than welcoming of the guests.
indispensable documents for public service vehicles on road and most importantly the behaviour and courteous conduct of enforcement staff with commuters and private transport operators.
They would also be trained in safety measures, running and halting of vehicles at proper places, courteous conduct with passengers, observance of traffic signals and sign boards, plying of vehicles on designated route and changing of lanes.
Behaving in a gentlemanly way goes back almost to the dawn of time and the term nowadays refers to any man of good and courteous conduct.
Bhamsportajoke Not only is he clearly incapable of professional and courteous conduct he makes things much worse by referring to the word as part of a woman's anatomy and then arrogantly suggests only women might find this offensive
Training should emphasize safety as well as proper and courteous conduct when visiting a probationer's home.