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In my 78 years on the Earth, I have always been treated courteously and fairly by state and local police officers.
said Timothy, bowing courteously to the magistrates as he left the dock.
He added: "Local authorities like Laois put on extra staff and made every effort to cope with the surge of applications and deal with people courteously.
He said: "I was not any way shape or form discourteous to my manager; I went into his room and asked politely and courteously if he could quickly come and join us, the reason being some of the board members had to leave early and we had a matter of urgency to talk to him about which was absolutely nothing to do with the Chester result or the recent poor performances.
Shaikh Abdullah is one of the most popular Emirati personalities on Twitter, as he courteously interacts with his followers, replies to their queries and supports charity, social and educational campaigns.
Job seekers are not beggars - do treat them with sensitivity, dignity and courteously.
Ferguson mentioned at the time that he had written the publishers of Webster's about the en'or and that they had thanked him courteously while pointing out that the word was only "slightly" out of alphabetical order--a response which amused me in the same way as would the description of the Vicar's daughter as "only slightly pregnant.
I do my best to ride courteously and strictly in accordance with the Highway Code, always wear high-visibility clothing and a helmet and am lit up like a Christmas tree at night, including head torch to be seen by joining traffic above parked cars.
Far from guiding their young to behave courteously and responsibly, they showed thoughtlessness and intemperance.
He courteously offered to take it off their hands--probably for a competitive fee--and dumped it on his otherwise unremarkable tea farms.
Interviewed after a loss, he smiles politely and answers even the rudest question courteously.
HRH the Premier: Despite grossness of past events, we dealt courteously in accordance with international standards.