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but focused heavily on courteousness and professionalism without paying
Having polled more than 1,380 chief household shoppers about their experiences, behaviors and sentiments on what appeals to them (or not) about supermarkets, time-saving checkouts, courteousness, custom services and palpable customer care all scored high.
Indeed, perhaps it is telling to see how in his observations about lively conversation Dogen extols the virtues of sobriety and courteousness.
In doing so, the national interest can be best served by following Hafiz Shirazi's advice for "benevolence to friends, courteousness to the rivals" with "equal conviction in Iqbal's message of self-pride, self-confidence and self-respect", simultaneously Superpower must to identify that on path to a democratically elected civilian government and with stable institutions strictly adhering to their constitutional roles, Pakistan will be a more conscientious, more unfailing, more effectual and more apposite partner of the free globe in quest of common objectives and in the defence of shared ideals.
He was also charmed by the courteousness and laid-back amiability of the locals who, even in the Mother City, never seem too busy or rushed to give a friendly smile or take time for a chat.
But the first vehicle was the promotional vehicle for the Safe Driving Dubai promotion that is going on right now, followed by the police back-up vehicle that is there to spot good driving and reward such drivers who maintain lane discipline, speed awareness and courteousness to fellow road users.
Courteousness Polite and courteous disposition revealing civilized manners in daily interactions.
Another observer who gave suggestions about raising children, also mentioned about "tolerance": "You two should teach the kids how to be grateful, be tolerant, be understanding, and learn about courteousness.
But he had defenders who pointed out his breeding as the reason for his courteousness, even toward a suspect.
45) In early July, 1857 a Mexico City newspaper, El Siglo XIX, noted the arrival of "more than forty families," who brought "a significant amount of capital, knowledge in different areas of agricultural cultivation, strong moral character, customs, courteousness, good dispositions with wishes and hopes for the progress of this industry.
Again, the direct, even rude, conduct of the Green Knight towards Arthur seems calculated to provoke his "daring" and to set off the courteousness of Gawain.
The lawyer who is courteous to all counsel and staff, parties, witnesses, jurors, court staff, and judges is well on his or her way--and courteousness includes respecting a jury's and a judge's time and attention by not being repetitive, disorganized, or untimely.