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Although the women in The Tretis are described as noble in the courtliest terms, the poem has more in common with the narratives Rasmussen identifies as "urban," because it suggests the incompatibility of men's and women's interests, values, and beliefs.
an early urn contains That lyre dame nature's boon, which thou among The courtliest bards right deftly could'st have strung, With strength unknown to learning's polish'd strains.
The 15 parents with 9 transitions were AchEiRIcAlLy, COuraGeOusNeSs, CoUrTlieSt, CoUrTlINeSs, DEpaRtMentAlLy, IsChIoCeLEs, PaRANuClEaRs, PlEoNosTeOSEs, PlEuROcentRAlLy, PoUrPArTiEs, PsYlLiAtEs, SaTuRAtIoNs, ScHolARliNeSs, SOLicItOusNeSs, and SpEaRhEaDs.