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However, the ironic attitude of the narrator hot only reveals that the conventions of courtliness and courtly love are no longer valid in the 19th century, but also offers a critical comment on the conventions themselves.
Gawain must literally save his face and the face of Arthur's court, thus responding to the notion of courtliness as a sublime ethical code.
Much of this undoubtedly reflects Cather's own burnished memories: the courtliness and dignity of the Captain, his wife's "soft, musical laugh which rose and descended like a suave scale.
It's a pleasant, but unremarkable film with Haim blending his youthful energy with a winning courtliness towards Williams.
Here Renaissance courtliness is interpreted as Machiavellian manoeuvres between the powerful and the powerless; in the former there is much evidence collected for the punitive silencing of women, and not just in the author's treatment of The Taming of the Shrew.
She links with her earlier chapters on the painterly pacific: The Spinners is the artist's statement of his independence from other artists while reflecting, at the same time, his courtliness, his location within the gilded cage of art.
Instead of Mozart's poignant intimations of frail humanity we get bland pleasantries: in place of subtle wit we hear salon courtliness.
29) There is a focus on exquisite craftsmanship and skill that is comparable to the fascination with courtly accomplishments in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and as in Gawain, a focus on courtliness mediated through the discourse of commodification.
Note Jacopone's repeated use of such keywords of courtliness as amore, cortesia, misura, senno, saggezza, follia, valore, nobile, gioia, gentile, umilta, onore, villania, vergogna, virtU.
Vickers's witty point is that commodification is proceeding apace, as courtliness trickles down for the consumption of a rising class of commoners through a medium whose form and substance clearly reveal the way books can become fetishes: the volume itself opens the court to the urban gaze, the inventory of female body parts (a courtly, not an urban invention) caters to the desires of city males, and for readers who wish to distinguish themselves from emptors of amorous objects, desire can be aestheticized and moralized as it is displaced onto objects of domesticity.
I was eager to go to Europe because I wanted to be where the classics originated," explains Boatwright, "and to understand the feeling of courtliness that infuses so many of them.
Cunningham reads the legal terms of the plotters' incrimination as a competition for the meaning of traditional male privileges, located in the discourses of chivalry and courtliness.