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COUSIN, domest. rel. Cousins are kindred who are the issue of two brothers or two sisters, or of a brother and a sister. Those who descend from the brother or sister of the father of the person spoken of are called paternal cousins; maternal cousins are those who are descended from the brothers or sisters of the mother. Vide 2 Bro. C. C. 125; 1 Sim. & Stu. 301; 3 Russ. C. C. 140; 9 Sim. R. 386, 457.

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After having been brought by a "Robin," the Aunt's "lily" of a daughter and the cousinly " little colony all hens" of "wrens" go walking by the slightly ominous "steep turn of Sweetwater.
He notes in the Preface that "there are significant degrees of cousinly relationship between the ways in which science and theology conduct their truth-seeking enquiries into the nature of reality" (p.
Nasira's matrimonial prospects, handpicked by her traditional but loving father (Laith Nakli), begin with a disaster, as a cousinly candidate arriving from Syria turns out to possess few table manners and fewer teeth.
Now, with often third and fourth-generations involved, and cousinly shareholders running in to the dozens, keeping everyone happy, and profitable, is all but impossible.
His Birth of the Virgin (Alte Pinakothek) was at that time in Regensburg Cathedral, where Elsheimer must have seen it, later recruiting the vast dancing wing-flap of hand-holding cherubs for his helter-skelter spin of angels, ecstatic at the cousinly embrace of Jesus and the infant St John in The Nativity with St John (Berlin Gemaldegalerie).