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Marathon Cove Base is part of the comprehensive Marathon Accessories system, designed to specifically complement the Estrie Marathon Collection of Lakeland Slate, Desert Stone, Plus, DuraSport, Round, and City Square rubber tiles.
Tenders are invited for work includes remove existing floor covering (vct & base) and install new 18 x 18 ceramic floor tile and cove base for three (3) offices, provide customer approved ceramic floor tile and all other material necessary for proper installation, prepare masonry openings and install two (2) 4~ x 4~ windows (glass temper resistant & aluminum frame, approximately 3 1/2 thick).
Tenders are invited for paint interior, exterior and replace the cove base throughout the park field office.
Tenders are invited for prior to the above areas being painted (pre-painting work), remove exisitng rubber cove base and clean all existing glue from the walls; once the painting has been completed (post painting work)and has fully cured, clean surface and install new cove base in each area per the manufacturer~s specifications.