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The coven will allow the apocalypse to take place, but considering the episode is titled "Apocalypse Then," it appears they will manage to restore the earth following its destruction.
The coven takes special interest in Susie when she arrives at the academy, presumably because she can serve them, and, therefore, Mater Suspiriorum.
Murder House (2011) revolved around a haunted house in Los Angeles, and Coven (2013) was set in a New Orleans boarding school for witches.
We've gathered up some of the most envy-inducing covens found in literature--they'll have you wishing you could pal around with your own group of spell-casting witches.
It was subsequently towed to Anchor Bridge at Coven where it was converted into a summer home and named The Brubet.
Hogwarts it ain't, as Coven's take on witchcraft ensures Halloween arrives a couple of days early.
The new film, titled Fog Island, is loosely based on the brothers' original Coven Bay and follows the spooky goings on at a radio station.
The Coven members and the Elvesden residents sometimes perceive the dark evil surrounding them and their personal relationships with a childlike perspective that suggests middle school or younger.
Sheen had referred to himself as a "Vatican assassin warlock" during a radio interview, which angered members of the Coven of the Raven Moon in Salem, Mass.
So look out for a coven of witches at the bar this week - or if you're lucky the seductive shadow of Moorhouse's Black Cat (3.4%).
"The Mothering Coven" tells the story of a house shared by seven women.
The town's legend reveals that a coven will be born every other generation.