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Early New England: A Covenanted Society is the second volume in what Weir projects to "be a series on the importance of the theme of covenant in early modern European and colonial American history" (The Origins of the Federal Theology in Sixteenth-Century Reformation Thought [Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1990], vii).
A covenant was signed by four churches in Wales (the Church in Wales [Anglican], the Methodist Church of Great Britain, the Presbyterian Church of Wales and the United Reformed Church) in 1975; the Committee of the Covenanted Baptist Churches became signatories in 1976.
(42) Candidates for the first three offices were chosen by vote and discussion, with the local covenanted congregation taking the active part, but with calling and authorization being of God, to whom all church officers were finally accountable.
Second, Jews as Israel are covenanted to the God of Israel at Mt.
Not only does the individual become a member of the covenant itself by means of baptism, but, of equal importance, a person becomes a member of the covenanted community, which is ruled by the civil magistrate under divine sanction.