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Cover 2 Cover Magazine is now taking reservations for ad space.
Two things we liked about the Cessna 172 cover was that it only used two straps underneath the belly (every extra strap matters when your fingers are turning white or rain is pouring down) and that it used a snap to attach above the windshield.
To kick off the first month of this anniversary year, we've chosen four of our most stunning January covers.
Often, shadow marking becomes unacceptable as the cover thickness decreases due to grinding and normal wear.
There you can connect USGS's National Land Cover Data with Census Bureau data on urban places and run an AMERICAN FORESTS urban ecosystem analysis.
She exemplifies our cover story topic: How celebrity status is dominating the decision of who gets published, by Joy Duckett Cain.
Home warranty policies cover the repair or replacement of" major home appliances.
ISBN 0-8144-0434-0 (AMACOM) Hard cover, English, 331 pages, 1999 Catalog No.
Our cover said it all, and within 12 months the world was For the most part agreeing with us.
You are so right--if another cover of Britney gets published, I'm going to scream
The deadline for the September cover, my first as editor, was the following afternoon, and the options before me all felt wrong: predictable, indecisive--stale, I worried, before the reader had even opened the magazine.

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