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Turkeys can cover ground quick and I usually back out several hundred yards and run like the dickens to a spot several hundred yards ahead.
Standard features include silicone gaskets, removable hinge pin, box and cover ground screws including an internal/external earthing stud and internal standoffs for mounting pans.
Bees have a very refined sense of smell, live in packs of thousands, cover ground more quickly than dogs, and learn a new task in a matter of days, he said.
Anderson's memoirs cover ground familiar to those of us old enough to remember the drama of his era.
There is no sense that the author is trying to cover ground, as in conventional literary histories.
The sixth chapter sketches out what has been done so far and may save considerable time by ensuring research work does not cover ground that has already been explored.
The scope of the framework agreement will cover ground source heat pumps up to 14kW and over 14kW.
Allotments cover ground on our left side before we reach Church Road.