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He has a real energy to cover ground to get into the box, and then it's all about form.
In addition to the proposal, some workers will also get an insurance policy to cover Ground Zero-related illnesses that have not yet developed.
Cover ground under strawberries with straw or matting to protect the ripening fruit from mud and pests.
When scrap operations are spread out over several acres, deploying scrap handlers that can cover ground quickly and efficiently improves production measurably.
On the expedition the winner will cover ground in Land Rovers and on foot, looking for tracks, scratch marks and other evidence of leopard presence and interviewing the local people about leopard sightings.
Under the agreement SAS Ground Services would cover ground handling for all Thai Airways International departures.
Fold breast half over turkey log mixture, rolling up (breast may not completely cover ground turkey mixture).
Many books cover ground leadership; one that gives us greater insight into what it takes to be an air commander would be very helpful.
Bees have a very refined sense of smell, live in packs of thousands, cover ground more quickly than dogs, and learn a new task in a matter of days, he said.