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To protect or shelter; to make good; to insure. To cover a check means to deposit sufficient funds in a bank account to pay the amount written on a check or checks.

The right of a purchaser to buy goods other than those that were originally contracted for as a remedy in the event of a breach of contract by the seller.

In contract law concerning sales transactions, the Uniform Commercial Code provides that a buyer may use cover for protection in an action for breach of a sales contract. The person may, in Good Faith, purchase substitute goods when a seller violates their contract by failure to deliver goods. The buyer may then recover the difference between the original goods or contract price and the cost of cover.

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The beach must-have checklist is a cover-up, a bikini/tankini or swimsuit, wide sunglasses, an oversized straw bag, a pair of thong or flip-flop sandals and a hat (protect your hair as much as your body.
The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency in late August announced 29 suspected cases of damage cover-ups by TEPCO.
Fianna Fail justice spokesman Niall Collins called for a cross-border Commission of Inquiry to be set up "to fully investigate these cover-ups".
It's easy to sit in condemnation of PC Salt but he wasn't the one who charged Tony Francis or anyone else so why is he blamed for others' actions and cover-ups?
A legal thriller following a murder and conspiracy trial in which jurors are intimidated, witnesses are killed and FBI cover-ups obfuscate the truth, Under Oath is haunting in its eerie accuracy and solid grounding in real-life courtroom experience.
It has all the ingredients of a classic whodunnit, missing millions, Mafia connections and police cover-ups.
The two companies have admitted to covering up information about faulty vehicles in the past, but the planned recalls will cover new cases and are irrelevant to the cover-ups, the sources said.
Calling for an independent investigation, Kevin McNamara (Lab, Hull N) said many people believed that complacency and cover-ups about the deaths were 'rife'.
The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has decided to supervise all inspections of nuclear reactors as part of efforts to prevent a recurrence of reactor damage cover-ups by Tokyo Electric Power Co.
New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis wrote recently, referring to the tobacco industry's cover-ups and distortions: "Tobacco people live a dilemma.
COVER-UPS AND CUTS Glamorous cover-ups are key pieces this season so lovers of "bling" can leave their accessories at home with the selection of elegant jewelled kimonos and kaftans.
Now, thanks to a combination of honesty and common sense, wrongdoing and cover-ups are being exposed as never before and those who expose them are to be highly praised.