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To protect or shelter; to make good; to insure. To cover a check means to deposit sufficient funds in a bank account to pay the amount written on a check or checks.

The right of a purchaser to buy goods other than those that were originally contracted for as a remedy in the event of a breach of contract by the seller.

In contract law concerning sales transactions, the Uniform Commercial Code provides that a buyer may use cover for protection in an action for breach of a sales contract. The person may, in Good Faith, purchase substitute goods when a seller violates their contract by failure to deliver goods. The buyer may then recover the difference between the original goods or contract price and the cost of cover.

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In Situation 1, A is covered by an HDHP, a health FSA and an HRA that pay or reimburse medical expenses incurred before A satisfies the minimum annual deductible under Sec.
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Just because your bank is federally insured, don't assume that all your accounts are covered. For example, bank money market funds are not considered deposits and therefore are not covered by federal insurance.
While the Darden decision has implications for a number of other federal statutes, it has unique implications for purposes of ERISA, which among other things vests in an employee certain rights with respect to any covered employee benefit plan in which such employee participates.(6) The term "employee" defines the universe of individuals who are entitled to the protections afforded by ERISA.(7) ERISA defines an employee as "an individual employed by an employer."(8) Such a circular definition invites divergent interpretations - as is evident by the Darden case itself.
In another application area, rubber covered rolls, the properties of EAs have made them desirable for use.
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It is a laid-down principle for a woman going before the Lord to make sure her head is covered. It is evident in the book of Corinthians.
For example, a general household policy might cover around PS5000 for items "temporarily removed from the home." So, providing a student lives at home outside of term time, their belongings should be covered.
Hong Kong: Moody's Investors Service says that covered bond markets in Singapore and Korea will continue to develop, while other such markets may also emerge over time in other Asian economies, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and India.
The best time to plant a cover crop is anytime a bed is not covered by a food crop or mulch.
But the gap in newer vehicles is usually covered with a "bib" panel.
The banners "It's all about me" covered her breasts, "I mean you" covered her navel, and "I mean me" covered her private part below the waist.