covering fire

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He made a conscious decision to move to provide more effective covering fire along an exposed posi-tion while under accurate fire.
The covering fire they were giving was effective, which made them a target.
The group began a tactical retreat under heavy fire and their comrades at other positions in the area began to shoot covering fire.
Liverpool's Captain Parkinson commanded the Fire Support Group in Iraq ensuring covering fire for his fellow soldiers.
Grenadier Guardsman Daryl Hickey was shot dead as he provided covering fire while fellow soldiers attacked a Taliban position in Helmand province on July 12.
Four soldiers were strapped to the small side "wings" of two Apaches, while a third Apache and other units provided covering fire to recover his body.
Longstaff provided covering fire while Sergeant First Class Richard Bryant, a member of Longstaff's convoy, assisted the Soldiers trapped behind a civilian vehicle.
Asked about civilian casualties, Levy said no non-combatants were shot intentionally and the woman might have been hit when troops laid down covering fire to evacuate the wounded soldier.
Generally, insurers that write policies covering fire, theft, glass breakage, machinery breakdown, electronic equipment, motor damage or combined perils must include an "extraordinary event cover" for pool coverage.
Royal Marine, Lance Corporal Justin Thomas, 25, from Llantwit Fardre, received the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his courage providing covering fire for 20 comrades, despite being in an exposed position.
Covering fire and life safety, the program provides top-to-bottom inspections of all college facilities.
As each man made a break for it, his mates laid down covering fire.