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And so well have they succeeded in covering the event with mystery, that to this very hour, despite all that has been said and written on the subject, it still remains doubtful whether they wreaked upon his murdered body the vengance they sometimes inflicted upon their enemies.
You see, Tal, the papers in this yellow covering, told of an old buried city that the bald-headed professor--the-man- with-no-hair-on-his-head--is very anxious to discover.
The same whirlwinds of snow circled about, covering the dead Vasili Andreevich's fur coat, the shivering Mukhorty, the sledge, now scarcely to be seen, and Nikita lying at the bottom of it, kept warm beneath his dead master.
Above the left eyebrow was a wound--a deep gash from which blood had flowed, covering the whole left side of the face and neck and saturating the light-gray shirt.
Finally, with a sigh of content, she curled herself up on the sealskin-coat mattress, arranged one bag for a pillow and the other for a covering, and settled herself to sleep.
After much deliberation and two or three essays by moonlight, Richard ended the affair by boldly covering the whole beneath a color that he christened “sunshine,” a cheap way, as he assured his cousin the Judge, of always keeping fair weather over his head.
by Courtesy of Brandpoint Check your window coverings for exposed or dangling cords.
Non traditional paper-backed coverings can be printed with relief pattern that emulate leather, metal and lace; one of my favourite papers looks just like fur and it's impossible not to stroke it, believe me.
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USPRwire, Sun Nov 08 2015] Australian furniture and floor coverings retail market sales accounted for 3.
Jeminco has always been known as the leading supplier of silicone corona treater sleeves, and we have expanded our line of disposable roller coverings to include a variety of products designed to meet a wide range of applications.
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