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Moroccan L2 learners, for example, discover at an early stage that Dutch lacks overt N-raising in the extended nominal projection; the parameterized strength property, defining the overtness or covertness of movement, is assigned a <weak> value instead of a <strong> value, which is the value assigned in the L1 grammar and conserved at the really initial stage of L2 acquisition.
Requests for such extensions should keep the issuing authority apprised of the status of the investigation and clearly demonstrate that the need for covertness continues to exist.
Thus, antisubmarine sensors are inherently "niche players" in terms of environments (water depths, acoustic conditions, atmospheric conditions), targets (physical sizes, acoustic signatures, operating depths and speeds), and operational factors (system covertness, host platforms or deployment mechanisms, persistence and endurance, fixed or mobile applications).
Tactical dispersion involves either spreading out a mutually supporting formation over a large area or abandoning mutual support to enhance maneuver and the covertness of individual vessels.
These two accidents seriously hurt the covertness of the D S & T IRS systems.
He said it was tough, because he grew attached to the people he was getting to know, with the knowledge they would never realise that he did them in, the covertness is so severe and acute.
The practice has come under intense scrutiny due to the covertness of the attacks and the amount of control exercised over them by the U.
When weaponized, underwater robots will be able to act offensively and use their covertness to intervene in operations.
Second, secrecy: many studies of the Bay of Pigs emphasize the deleterious effect of extreme covertness, as the CIA, concerned with preserving secrecy, shielded operational plans from scrutiny by relevant experts (Neustadt 1980, 222-23; Sorensen 1965, 304; Wilensky 1967, 66-67).
Such covertness is underscored by a political correctness in the public sphere, which perplexes me and destroys objective truth as a matter of fact-that is, truth as an ontological phenomenon.
While the need to remain covert can explain some of reform's absence from our satires, covertness has always coupled with subversion in satire.