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COVERT, BARON. A wife; so called, from her being under the cover or protection of her husband, baron or lord.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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screen turned off), since a malware could be initiating the Tor connection at exactly that state to increase its covertness.
It is useful to observe the variation of covertness against capacity of exfiltration, for different data exfiltration techniques:
On a deeper level, however, covertness emerged for Melville as an essential component of art by the very nature of the enterprise.
(11) Metamaterial cloaking represents the new fog of war, the superior covertness required to "penetrate and persist" in, or near, heavily defended airspace.
All that being said, I still need to live longer in Canada to fully understand and appreciate the nuances of questions of race, racism--or racialism, as I like to call it, due its unintended covertness. Such covertness is underscored by a political correctness in the public sphere, which perplexes me and destroys objective truth as a matter of fact-that is, truth as an ontological phenomenon.
"[T]he legal and governance framework of cyberspace was designed to accommodate commerce, but it also enables covertness and reinforces deniability.
Longstanding covertness, denial, and resistance from the insulated dance community (Montanari & Zietkiewicz, 2000) add to the difficulty of uncovering critical information about eating disorder etiology and risk factors.
That example teaches that covertness can be productive if the doctrinal precedents are themselves not yet adequately developed, or if a social consensus in favor of a transformative agenda has not yet crystallized (for reasons like these, one might have preferred the liberty rationale to the equality rationale in the decades before Brown v.
The covertness and complexity of potential unlawful conduct against the Government and the necessary dependency of many conspirators upon the telephone make electronic surveillance an effective investigatory instrument in certain circumstances." Id.
USER REQUIREMENTS User Requirements with Weights Type Requirements Weights (1-10) Environmental Weather Limitations 9 Day/Night Limitations 10 Physical Waterproof 8 Shockproof 8 Power Source 8 Weight 10 Size Dimensions 10 Operational Signal Duration 10 (Signal) Signal Covertness 10 Signal Field of View 7 Signal Range 10 Accuracy Resolution 10 Signal Spectrum 10 System Compromise 2 Unique Signal 2 Signal Delay 10 Operational Ease of Use 8 (System) Modification Required 8 Unique Signal Display 2 Acquisition Long-term Unit Cost 5 (Long-term) Product Feasibility 8 Acquisition Estimated Cost 5 (Short-term) Prototype Availability 7 System Maturity 7
There is no longer a need for covertness, no longer a necessity to tiptoe and advance tactically.
(1) UASs deliver real-time, full-motion video and signals intelligence directly to tactical users and strategic decision makers, while "maintaining a degree of covertness." (2) These aircraft have the unique ability to sustain long-duration missions (in excess of 21 hours) by changing crews in the middle of a sortie.