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Some malware functions require the use of specific OS-based exploits for better covertness but a number of them are already known.
Whitman would very likely assent to Pierre's discovery that "the leaves of all great books are covertly packed," and Melville might have perceived, "beneath the surface of certain matters here," a similar covertness lurking in the sly evasions and cunning refutations of Whitman's poem, "Whoever You Are Holding Me Now in Hand.
Cultural styles of conflict management in Japanese and Americans: Passivity, covertness and effectiveness, strategies.
When Brookes calls it "a covert investigation of the Fire Island gay scene," he does little to explain why such covertness exists or how it functions.
WITH the rise of celebrity culture has come an increasing covertness to wear, and own, the same as the stars.
The question to focus upon is this: If we truly believe that "openness" should "be the rule, [and] covertness the exception, thereby fostering public confidence in the integrity of the court system and understanding of the administration of justice", what overarching justification do we, the legal elite, have for denying the citizenry readily available Internet access to their judicial system?
It can, however, be concluded that covert action's association with intelligence services developed primarily from the need to be protected and to operate in the realm of covertness and secrecy.
One typically needs some combination of user authentication, transaction integrity and accountability, fault-tolerance, message secrecy, and covertness.
Contrary to popular myth, DID is a condition of secrecy and covertness.
The positioning, covertness, and vulnerability of sensors and platforms.
Cultural Styles of Conflict Management in Japanese and Americans: Passivity, Covertness, and Effectiveness of Strategies, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 24, 1994, pp.
They may unknowingly harbor terror groups--a hallmark of al Qaeda's operations is obviously extremely effective covertness and, if they are indeed present in over sixty countries, many of those countries (especially before September 11) probably had little if any awareness of their activities.