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We are very honored and proud to have placed the Philippines on the international golf map with this achievement by Anvaya Cove," said Jose Juan Jugo, head of Ayala Land Premier.
authors suggest habitat conservation for spawning coves where spawning substrate may be degraded through a reservoir's natural aging process.
There are 24 CoVEs in the North-East which deliver outstanding vocational training across the region.
Matt Johnson, CoVE manager, said: "With our CoVE status we have been able to develop and enhance existing specialised vocational training; focusing on meeting skills needs of employers locally, regionally and nationally.
They had just finished working in their favorite cove, the drawings and manuscripts space, tracing enlargements from Jan van Kessel II's mid- 17th-century ink and watercolor ``Butterflies, Insects and Currants'' on a light table with colored pencils.
People who come to this park are naturally drawn to the ocean, to Spooner's Cove,'' said Nancy Dreher, curator of the nearby Morro Bay Museum of Natural History.
Held at Stoneleigh Park, the inaugural CoVE conference, entitled 'Bridging the Skills Gap' was hailed a success by almost 100 delegates present, ranging from college principals to local employers.
Most divers just don their gear and walk into the water at Whaler's Cove.
COVES is a broadband internet portal offering a single point of contact, allowing engineering firms, building owners, and government agencies to collaborate and tackle Environmental, Occupational Health, Fire Safety and Emergency Response Planning issues during the design stage of buildings.
Friends of Castaic Lake, a nonprofit group that raised and donated more than $3,000 to purchase the fish, sought coves rich with underwater vegetation that they hope will provide a protective habitat for the Florida largemouth bass fingerlings.
There's a narrow spit of sand between the two coves, and at busy times it can look like Hermosa Beach on a sunny summer day.
You see dramatic rock formations protruding from the sapphire waters of the quiet cove, yes, but as your gaze ventures inland, you survey a moonscape.