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I can say this with conviction because for many years I pronounced the word covet with the accent on the second syllable, to rhyme with "beset.
SOUTHPORT accessories emporium Covet & Crave opened its new store this week with a canaps and Champagne launch.
Covet carries three lines of furniture, including Cocopa and a line called Dust, that aren't sold anywhere else in Washington.
Every writer has aspects of style I genuinely covet.
Breaking The Tenth, Mowing: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house?
Maybe because chiseling is expensive, Moore's monument reduces the Tenth Commandment to "Thou shalt not covet.
She set up Covet, a shop in the Custard Factory, with business partner Scott Clark, which specialises in clothes by local designers, ranging in price from about pounds 30 to pounds 350.