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To proceed: as soon as Luscinda saw me she said, 'Cardenio, I am in my bridal dress, and the treacherous Don Fernando and my covetous father are waiting for me in the hall with the other witnesses, who shall be the witnesses of my death before they witness my betrothal.
I called her cruel, ungrateful, false, thankless, but above all covetous, since the wealth of my enemy had blinded the eyes of her affection, and turned it from me to transfer it to one to whom fortune had been more generous and liberal.
At that hour the guests were departing in groups along the street, discoursing on the game, or continuing conversations on the land they were covetous of buying, on the terms of some one's will, on quarrels among heirs, on the haughty assumption of the aristocratic portion of the community.
Too, Werper had his covetous soul set upon the pouch of gems, and so he was torn between the various emotions of avarice and fear.
The Vice Chancellor said that the Departments of Criminology at Karachi University and Sindh University had produced students who had later grown to be top-brass of the police departments across Pakistan and some of them had also attained the covetous status of being national pride.
Worse, as the story shows, we can even turn evil, covetous, and murderous -- eliminating obstacles on our way to attaining what we desire.
And for how long will it remain beautiful and green anyway, if a housing developer casts a covetous eye over it?
Show biz producers hope and pray that their next big project will turn out to be a blockbuster that will make them rich and famous beyond their wildest and most covetous dreams.
My little sample was in agreement that in some cases it might be applied wrongly by covetous men.
Celebrated columnist and intellectual Inam Shaikh, in his reflection on the occasion, opined that all was mortal except art and ideas, advocating that artists in the advanced countries on of the world enjoyed covetous status of being rich, famous and prosperous as their states patronized them, their people and institutions supported and valued them and they, in return, served them with their insightful writings; whereas, in the given scenario, it was almost absolutely rebound.
Now it is an occasion for the UK to waste PS6 billion of the nation's resources on the advertising industry, who invade, cripple and control the minds of children and adults, to become even dopier and more covetous than they were, using wealth which could have given dignity to the homeless and the destitute, even those not born in stables.
The Nobel Committee was very covetous of the winners and allowed the American ambassador only 90 minutes to host them for a lunch.