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Use appropriate to an individual's station in life is desirable, so long as this is not sought covetously, but by accepting the Rule of the Friars' Minor, Duns Scotus chose to limit himself to a "moderate use" of communally owned property, and for many in the Franciscan community, this probably was an ideal.
The traditional financial analytic application vendors and the business information system providers are looking covetously at each others' strengths, while traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) suppliers have started muscling in, offsetting their general lack of experience of analysis with their technological clout and massive customer bases.
The effect is created by spirally curved, inward-pointing needles that twist covetously around the plant's flexible stems--cascading locks on a seemingly restless tree.
Males spied covetously upon females who in turn danced serenely, lost in their own agendas.
Constitutional change, ostensibly sought for the elevation of the citizenry, is covetously pursued in the service of elite ambitions.
No matter how privileged Dino Zoff is entitled to feel as he glances covetously at a squad list packed with sumptuous names, Italy's coach cuts an uneasy figure.
Both it and Delta would also have to look covetously at the likes of Northwest or Alaska Airlines.
The one-time Compton resident acknowledged Sunday that she is covetously eyeing Martina Hingis' throne.
Here they saw Platerus's collection of rarities, but his son, "who shewed us them, brought us a book wherein we wrote our names, and then gave a golden ducat, it being covetously expected of us.
Whereas Hemingway's hard-bitten narrator looks covetously into a sunken ship of seemingly infinite bounty and sees a human face, Ishmael and his fellow whalemen look down into the suddenly serene waters at the center of a huge pod of whales and see an equally unexpected scene: mothers nursing their young and newlyweds making love in "submarine bridal chambers and nurseries" (389).
Fish pie, meanwhile, which I eyed covetously, was so good, packed with chunks of salmon, hake and mussels, in beautifully creamy sauce with diced spring onions, and with a pretty piped mash topping, browned on top.