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Most coveys occupied well-defined ranges averaging ~4-8 ha in size, and comprising natural vegetation and adjacent cultivated areas.
Chukar hunters can expect to find smaller coveys early in the season because of late-summer rains that spread out the birds.
A year later, when the Coveys returned to the Valley to be closer to family after Marina's father passed away, Shane Covey started working at Ovenell's Cabinets in Cashmere.
Increased movement rates could potentially compensate for low densities if individuals move more to interact with neighboring coveys in low density populations.
This part of the desert had a pretty good carryover of adult birds, the hatch was good and we are seeing big coveys around springs and in the more rocky outcroppings of the desert.
We are seeing some good numbers of valley quail at higher elevations, along with a few smaller coveys of Gambel's quail,'' Horner said.
1 -- 2) Above, big coveys of upland game birds known as chukar also can be found in the red mountain region and on Black Mountain.
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