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As he ran past an unremarkable-looking clump of palmetto his snout jerked sideways as if he'd hit the end of a lead rope and he skidded to a quivering point: That particular clump of palmetto was sheltering a covey of quail.
The guide, the hunters and the dogs knew what to expect next but it still startled all of them when the covey exploded skyward in a whirring maelstrom of beating wings.
"I reached a point where I wasn't sure I was on the right path," Covey said.
Some 15 years later, in June 2012, with nearly 20 years of experience, he started Custom Construction & Cabinetry by Shane Covey.
Because they are covey birds, prairie grouse frequently provide the opportunity for a double.
With each covey rise, there is a chance that a straggler may have been left behind.
The event also provided a few with an opportunity to get a private training session with Dr Stephen Covey himself.
When I hunted there last year, we averaged twenty to thirty covey rises each day.
Working that sidehill, our group of three shooters and two guides quickly flushed another covey that w-as in between.
A short distance from where we had huddled, Kate stuck her nose into a tangled wild rose bush, busting a covey of 10 or 15 chuks a few yards ahead.
Aside from the hundreds of bust-the-bird-and-chase-it episodes I've endured, I've also seen dogs literally run through a covey of birds without scenting them, and I once sent my spaniel to retrieve a pheasant that, try as he might, he couldn't locate--even though at one point he was actually standing on the dead bird.
A similar range of suggestion marks Douglass's description of his actual fight with Covey, and illustrates his determination to place Covey's comic impotence rather than his brutality in the foreground--the erstwhile savage negro-breaker "puffing and blowing" in mock ferocity, crying out "lustily" for help, and finally claiming a sham-victory over a sixteen-year-old boy.