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COW. In a penal statute which mentions both cows and beefer's, it was held that by the term cow, must be understood one that had a calf. 2 East, P. C. 616; 1 Leach, 105.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Cow parsnips, yarrow, moth mullein, yellow sweet cover, meadow goat's beard, milkweed, and great mullein line the roads to Tillamook, Oregon and the ocean.
The annual spring thaw brings back the prehistoric look--succulent new greenery dappled with the colour of blooming orchids; sundew, butterwort, and other carnivorous plants lying in wait for mosquitoes and blackflies; and hairy cow parsnip taller than a one-horned monoclonius.
For example, she says a fresh plant extract of skullcap (a member of the mint family) reduces nerve inflammation; a tincture of milky oats (i.e., immature oat seeds) can rebuild the neuronal myelin sheath that is often damaged in MS and SCI; an external liniment of cow parsnip (a common weed that is a member of the parsley family) is a traditional Southwestern Hispanic remedy for treating injured nerves and stimulating regeneration; external application of St.
All parts of this plant, which can be confused with wild carrots or cow parsnip, can be toxic, although the seeds contain the highest proportion of poison.