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This attempted assassination against a young, defenceless girl illustrates the cowardliness and cruelty of the Pakistani Taliban who have claimed this act," the French Foreign Ministry said.
Students will see another example in history of the horrors of minority oppression and the cowardliness behind the purpose of creating a "deviant" class.
Conversely, Clitophon identifies seduction with bravery, and inaction ('silence') with cowardliness ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
has been "a nation of cowards" in relationship to race, the cowardliness he refers to in his remarks appears to be wholly about speech.
amongst others) cowardliness, laziness, untrustworthiness, fickleness,
I am amazed at the cowardliness of the writer in preferring to remain anonymous, but I can truly understand why, because had he made himself known, he would certainly have been crucified especially by the supporters of Only Men Aloud and Bryn Terfel - and in particular the hundreds of members of Clwb y Terfeliaid.
He also called for a day of "fasting and repentance for our national servility and cowardliness on this Friday".
In opposition to the traditional, positive portrayals of the last Visigothic king in the Rodrigo cycle of romances, Luna emphasizes the king's greed, lust, pride, and prevarication, as well as the political infractions he commits against his own natural sovereign, his cowardliness in battle, and his failure to bear his subjects' best interests in mind.
Lang was not allowed to use any evidence of his charge of cowardliness against Mactier and hence the verdict of guilty against him.
He said: "The callousness and cowardliness of this attack is unbelievable.
In sore e strange way, this ultimate act of cowardliness should provide new strength and hope, and uplift all of our spirits as we reaffirm our commitment to our democratic principles as a country, and salute this nation's community colleges as beacons of freedom.
Our brothers who fought in Somalia saw wonders about the weakness, feebleness, and cowardliness of the US soldier.