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In the written jokes about Jews in these magazines, common characteristics of them have been stressed as follows: corrupt accent, cowardliness, materialistic mind, artfulness and meanness (Bali, 2006: 149-155).
as a country--and that has been nothing but a burden to Arab countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, on all political fronts, from its recklessness in Egypt, cowardliness in Syria, to humiliating rapprochement with Iran.
Addressing a press conference here, he strongly condemned drone attack in Hangu and said Thursday's drone attack was carried out in settled area of the country for the first time and US has got courage to attack anywhere in the country including its capital due to cowardliness of Pakistan government.
Here we have residents recount their taking care of the wounded, ignoring the whole situation, wondering at the cowardliness of some people, responding to the advancement of soldiers, trying to get normal work done in the midst of the revolt, looting, play-acting, weeping (including crocodile tears), and praising God for keeping a young girl's soul.
The play shows the pro-Dutch locals, in the person of Rambang and his henchmen, to be truly bad in their arrogance, disrespect for others, bullying, cowardliness, drinking, and callousness towards women as mere objects of sexual gratification.
This attempted assassination against a young, defenceless girl illustrates the cowardliness and cruelty of the Pakistani Taliban who have claimed this act," the French Foreign Ministry said.
Jesus Perez Magallon even goes so far as to characterize Almanzor as the epitome of tyranny and cowardliness (134).
Needless to say she was screaming at her assailants who were taking photos of the incident with their latest "high tech" cameras and mobiles probably to post their cowardliness online.
There is a culture of cowardliness and hypermasculine groupthink that is imbedded in most men's varsity sports programs--a culture that normalizes hazing, homophobia and rape.
Not just politically, but existentially as well the poet despises his contemporaries for their cowardliness, persnickety conduct, and lack of righteousness.
He further says that the sorrows in a world of illusion, the cruelty of the night that covers up your fears, the greatest cowardliness of a man which hurts you fero- ciously, the crumbliness of the world that falls apart, these may cover your mind but when you open it you discover the signs that there is something you are longing to find.
amongst others) cowardliness, laziness, untrustworthiness, fickleness,