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COW. In a penal statute which mentions both cows and beefer's, it was held that by the term cow, must be understood one that had a calf. 2 East, P. C. 616; 1 Leach, 105.

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Lunn's, whose pretty daughter Sally had been an early flame of his, and, when the church-goers were at a safe distance, to abstract the guineas from their wooden box and slip them into a small canvas bag--nothing easier than to call to the cowboy that he was going, and tell him to keep an eye on the house for fear of Sunday tramps.
June 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Cowboy Charcoal, maker of top selling natural hardwood lump charcoal, chips and chunks, announces the second annual Original Cowboy Charcoal Sweepstakes and the launch of its authoritative barbecue blog, The Roundup.
com)-- To celebrate the National Day of the American Cowboy this Saturday, July 27th, American Cowboy magazine announced the #KissACowboy contest on their Facebook page, http://facebook.
95) features a compendium of old-time cowboy wisdom, thirty authentic cowboy songs, twenty-five colorful cowboy insults, and a heap of fascinating cowboy lore.
So many titles have been written on cowboy history that one might wonder at the need for yet another, but here's an oversized photo tribute which stands out from the crowd, surveying both myths and realities of the cowboy on and off-screen, including assessments of cowboys around the world, ranching roots, cowboy film, and cowboy representation in literature.
Before the cowboy singer took over as Country music's mascot in the 1930's, it was the mountain man of the 1920's, romanticized by novels and the "Great War" hero, Alvin "Tennessee Mountain Boy" York, that exemplified an earlier, rural, unfettered Anglo-Saxon America for a urban North, heavy with European immigrants.
Cowboys Cowgirls Cowchips: True Tales From The Long X, Long S, And Spade Ranches is an revealing and entertaining compendium of information on everything that makes a true modern cowboy from the perspective of by Doris McClellan.
Brokeback Mountain then, undermines the romantic and masculine image of the cowboy as a man's man and a lady's man by substituting a debaucherous duo who are neither.
The Deke Latham Memorial PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association) Rodeo is open only to professional rodeo cowboy athletes.
Cavender's Boot City, Here you can buy everything from boots to belt buckles and get stone insight into Houston's unique fascination with cowboy culture.
Cowboy poetry is thoughts and ideas about the cowboy way of life, the cowboy way of looking at things," said Brakefield, 53, a cowboy poet and Western singer from Elmira.