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WHEN Europe felt the Germans' power, We did not buckle, bend or cower. Cometh the man cometh the hour.
When I refuse behind-the-back passes & demand face-to-face, man-to-man D, they cower & tell all their boys I'm not good at keeping secrets, their collective lullaby.
LAZIO stars had to cower in their dressing-room at training last week as furious fans rioted outside.
But when Houston police burst into the home of his friend John Geddes Lawrence in September 1998 and arrested the two men for having sex (then illegal under state law), Garner did not cower in retreat.
When students cower rather than proclaim their opinions on campus, how can we expect them to stand up for what they believe off campus?
First Balanchine and then Agnes de Mille and, most notably, Jerome Robbins dominated dance on Broadway, to be followed by a post-Robbins progeny that included Michael Kidd Cower Champion, Bob Fosse, and Michael Bennett.
Latin American leaders must not he forced to cower to foreign investors who threaten to move elsewhere if they don't play by the rules of take-no-prisoners U.S.
"No way was this city going to or America going to cower before the terrorist attacks," Silverstein said as he received a standing ovation.
The many versions of self-representation covered in the volume include the poetic personae of writers as different as John Cower and Pietro Aretino; rhetorical self-dramatizations of John Bale and Francis Bacon; the "autobiographical effect" of poetic miscellanies; familial allusion and allegory in Mary Wroth's drama and prose romance; personal narratives, memoirs, diaries, and defenses by seventeenth-century men and women; even broadside "execution" ballads.
As an urban black male, coming of age during Generation X, he doesn't cower from unabashedly addressing his heart's emotional architecture, and he does it with more than mack daddy acrobatic rhapsodies.
In the world of monkeys, females of a high social rank get first dibs on food and other scarce resources, and subordinates cower in their presence.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister's daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday vowed neither to 'cower down nor yield to pressure' in her appearance before Panamagate Joint Investigation Team (JIT).