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We're giving you the chance to take advantage of some superb cower offers at low prices that will help make your garden look stunning.
Do we cower in closets, fight among ourselves, ask meekly to be allowed scraps from the table of equality?
It is something that hospital caregivers experience far too often and from which families sometimes cower.
The other sisters made it over to the house, but Wate, who had sprained her ankle, had to cower between a bush and the convent wall as the rebels exchanged gunfire with the military.
We've seen honest and hard-working people cower before the drug sellers.
Voiceless the animals cower in pain They are creatures at the mercy of the UK's purse, And as we are about to enter another new year, Animal welfare standards promise to get worse.
Then the 21-year-old victim and his fellow cashier, a 37-year-old woman, were made to cower at the back of the Victoria Wines shop, in Camp Hill Road, Nuneaton, while the store was ransacked.