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Supporters cowered in terror as the disorder threatened to spiral out of control following the 81st minute goal.
Terrified staff cowered in the background as the men grabbed rubbish bins and looted cigarettes worth pounds 7,000 before fleeing the scene.
As his mother, sister and nephew cowered in a bedroom, Robert managed to bravely keep the door shut using his whole body weight until the police arrived.
Abukar was shot as he cowered behind a tree begging for his life.
It forced him to head for the entrance of a department store in Sanford, near Orlando, as customers cowered inside.
When we first had her she cowered and growled when she heard young boys.
The home support crowded the perimeter fences baying for blood while Ferreira and his assistants cowered in the centre-circle after the final whistle to await reinforcements.
THE Sunday Mercury has never cowered from blasting some of the daft and sometimes downright sick exhibitions that masquerade as serious art.
Edinburgh Zoo's pair of primates cowered under a rock yesterday as showers broke out across the country.