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She tells Lachlan to jump into her car but the pair are soon cowering in their seats as the youths pelt the vehicle with stones before scarpering into the distance.
The footage showed gunmen beating and shooting a group of prisoners who were cowering on the floor.
The upshot is that FIFA is now looking like a bag of bacteria cowering in front of a dishcloth soaked in Dettol.
Some God images leave us frightened and cowering in the corner.
The dog ran off and was seen cowering as Edward chased after it.
The collection comprises six large, beautiful and colourful cowering varieties, named on delivery.
The Francis Harold and the Holograms The Eagle Can't Fly with One Wing 7-inch on Going Underground Records will leave you shitting your pants and cowering in the corner (but in a good way, ya know?
The kidnapper is somehow removed from the plot, and then the agents find the child, cowering in a corner.
His owner, a woman in her 50s, was able to get out of the property, but the dog sat cowering in the corner of the kitchen in Addison Road, Billesley.
Police later caught Lessner a few houses away, cowering on a neighbor's balcony.
service time, cowering under my umbrella, I took my place on the ground in a gravel parking lot with a good view of a huge video screen.