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COW. In a penal statute which mentions both cows and beefer's, it was held that by the term cow, must be understood one that had a calf. 2 East, P. C. 616; 1 Leach, 105.

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While all SEC schools have the level of staffing and resources to provide a solid academic support system for athletes, Cowherd believes that a personal touch can make a huge difference in regard to academic success and retention.
The third movement of the Cantata is entitled "Weaving Maid and Cowherd" and is based on one of the most famous love legends in China.
Jon Cowherd's Mercy, also part of the new BlueNote/ArtistShare label, features his original compositions and one-of-a-kind musicians Brian Blade, drums; Bill Frisell, guitar; and John Patitucci, bass.
Cowherd mentioned that he probably wouldn't have the job he has if he didn't have the natural inclination to talk to the people around him -- cab drivers, people in the elevator, those he meets at airports or in sports stadiums.
La Agencia de Proteccion Ambiental de los Estados Unidos, soportado en trabajos de varios autores como Axetell (1978), Shearer, et al (1981), Axetell y Cowherd (1981), Muleski (1990, 1994), edito los factores de emision del AP-42 relacionados con la cuantificacion de emisiones en zonas mineras de carbon a cielo abierto, los cuales han sido desde entonces aplicados en diversos estudios de este tipo.
The poem "depicts the quest of a group of nameless gopi ['cowherd', from the mythology of Krsna] girls" and "is neatly divided into three distinct sections that trace the girls' path to Krsna, a journey that takes them from the shared public arena of the outside world, to the inner, private chambers of their beloved," beginning with the "details of their vow" in the first five verses of the poem (p.
The reason for the optimism is a small and growing even smaller, beef cowherd and a strong uptick in exports.
The following Monday a cowherd became suspicious of the house's blacked-out windows.Charlie Wilson's prints were found on a first-aid outfit and on a drum of salt.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the 1970s, developing collection and detection techniques for particle size ranges from 1 to 10 [micro]m in diameter, the same range useful for biological specimens, according to Chat Cowherd, PhD, principal advisor for engineering.
Finally, this clarification isn't to brow-beat the media (for the record, Colin Cowherd incorrectly cited the percentage on air today, as well).
The contest winner is crowned as the festival's king for that year and the activity commemorates the pranks of Hindu deity Krishna and cowherd boys.
The brightest star very high in this direction around map time is orange Arcturus in Bootes, the Cowherd. Arcturus is so bright that many people glance over the rest of Bootes too quickly.