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The Collider offers cowork, business, and event space in addition to providing memberships, education, internships, sponsorships, and public opportunities to "collide.
Coordinadora del Grupo de Pesquisa REDES 6CO--Competitividad, Cooperacion, Coopeticao, Co-Empreendedorismo, Cowork e Co-criacao de Valor en redes Interoganizacionais e Gestao Social.
Based at Wacker's Michigan Innovation Headquarters, a cowork campus facility in Ann Arbor, the center consists of several labs for R&D and analytics.
For the question of the best measurement, this is less of a problem: kinship ties would be a better measure if we could uncover them--as long as we cannot, coworker ties might partly proxy for them (and therefore will be the best measurement available, even though kinship is causally prior to the cowork ties that they facilitate).
In the past several years, cowork spaces--designed to provide office space to individuals, startups and entrepreneurs who want variable workspace in a collaborative environment--have gained momentum across the country.
So when they decided to start a business, it was no surprise that they chose to create a company that focused on collaboration, enabling small business owners to cowork with others in a shared space.
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Storytelling is a central characteristic of African cultures, and the cowork of the client and counselor parallels the importance of unity in work and action in African cultures (Joseph, 2001; Maree & Molepo, 2006).
Inspired by a cowork with Pininfarina, the EasyNote TR series is the notebook for those who want to be themselves and express their outstanding personality and love for exclusive pieces of design.
CoWork apparently bases much of its internal processing upon a standard number of series (seventeen).