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Hupehensis', the ascending branches are covered in pinkbudded, white-flowered, fragrant blossom, followed by a heavy crop of rosy-yellow crab apples.
God gave us the crab apple and left the rest to man.
You can also make crab apple wine if you like to dabble in a bit of home brewing.
And I like this crab apple pie," said Mole, as he reached for another piece.
The trees which have been planted include oak, ash, maple, birth, pine, crab apple, alder, willow, poplar, hawthorn, mountain ash, hazel, holly and cherry.
Crab apple trees are ideal for small, family gardens.
A blossoming crab apple tree | A blossoming crab apple tree
The crab apple essence promises to promote feelings of acceptance in moments of low confidence, cherry plum to help you feel rational when you fear you may lose control, and chestnut bud to help you stop repeating emotional eating patterns.
Rescue Cream contains their famous combination of five flower essences - cherry plum, impatiens, star of Bethlehem, rock rose and clematis - plus the cleansing essence, crab apple.
And there is only one accompaniment that cuts the mustard with Rob - crab apple and rowan jelly.